Conventional Office vs. Virtual Office

Annual Cost Comparison

Globalization has called for businesses to be run in a manner no one could have ever imagined even years ago. The introduction of the World Wide Web has revolutionalized the concept of how businesses are run in today’s ever changing business climate.

    How do Conventional Office and Virtual Office compare?

  Conventional Office Virtual Office
Average cost of rental @ RM3000.00 per month without cost of setting up RM 36,000.00 N/A
Cost for Telekom phone line rental
RM 45 per month = RM 540 per year
RM 540.00 N/A
Cost for Telekom fax line rental
RM 24 per month = RM 288 per year
RM 288.00 N/A
Utility Bills ie. electricity and water @ RM 500.00 per month RM 6,000.00 N/A
PA/Receptionist employment @ RM 1,900.00 per month RM 22,800.00 N/A
Cost of initial office set-up ie. renovation and furniture @ RM 60,000.00 N/A
Deposit of 3 months rental to Lessee @ RM 9,000.00 N/A
*Tenancy contract of 2-3 years and re-instatement cost N/A

    *Price may differ depends on the prepayment plan.

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What are the benefits of a Virtual Office Solution

While the advantages of working from a home/virtual office may seem obvious to you (more freedom, more flexibility, the opportunity to be at home with your kids) there are probably even more benefits that you haven't thought of. Here are a few:

Reduction in stress levels from not having to drive in congested traffic to and from work
Time saved not commuting to an office
Monetary benefits from savings in gas, wear and tear on your car, business clothing, and lunches out
Benefits from being able to manage your time more effectively
Productivity benefits from being able to work when you are most productive
Health benefits of being able to eat a better diet that includes less fast food
Opportunities to get physical exercise when needed mentally
Reduced stress benefits
Benefit of living a more balanced life
A more relaxing work environment