FAQ - FlexiFax

How long does it take to get the activation mail?

Accounts that are fully paid will be activated within 24 hours.


I've signed up for the account and I do not have any credit, can I still send and receive faxes or must a credit balance be maintained?

If you have signed up for our FlexiFax plus or receive only account, you will continue to receive faxes eventhough you have ran out of your credit. You only need credit or free pages to send out faxes.


Is the any credit account available for payment for Flexifax?

Yes, you can use credit card to pay for your flexifax account.


You only calculate the cost upon success delivery right? (for Flexifax)

FLEXIFAX: Putting a scenario: I have 3500 contact given to you (1 page)
* how many times will you re-send/re-dial on those undelivered for the first attempt?
* Will each re-send/re-dial attempt being charged?

We will attempt to re-deliver your fax for 3 times and all fax job will be discarded from the server in 30 minutes. Once the fax is discarded, you will need to re-send your fax for it to be delivered.


Do you have a special package for a year plan of fax services?

It is actually on our website already. You will enjoy 15% cheaper rate when you sign up for our yearly account and the account setup fee of $50 will be waived too.


Can I pay by based on monthly payment?

Unfortunately not at the moment but you may want to consider our pay per fax plan. There is no monthly fee for this plan :)


Is there any options for corporate for monthly billing? (for flexifax)

20 pages free for one month.Only 5 faxes. But in system shows that one(1) more pages for free. ??

For clarification purpose, our free pages indicates number of free minutes you have in your account. If you have 20 free pages, it means you have 20 free fax minutes. If your 1 page fax takes 2 minutes and 46 seconds to transmit, 3 pages will be deducted from your account.


What is the minimum top up for flexifax?

The minimum top up credit is AUD10 or equivalent to RM31+/-


Does top up have expiry date in flexifax?

No, there is no expiry date for flexifax top up


Assuming I already have a fax line/number and I would like to use your fax/email service. Will my existing customers be able to fax to my current fax line and me retrieving the fax with my mail?

Yes, you can use our service so you can receive your fax in your email. All you need to do is to contact TELEKOM and forward your original fax number to the fax number we provide you


What detail will be shown when the receiver get my fax thru efax? the body msg will cover how much size?

May i know is that every we e-fax, it'll be counted additional one page?? because i tried to fax a page, but the statistic shown 2 pages used

How we count the page used is actually by the transmission time. As per our website, each page is consider as 1 minute of transmission time. If your fax takes 75 seconds to deliver, it will be counted as 2 pages


Is there any way to minimize transmission time? or its automatically calculated by your comp?

Hmm, the transmission time is automatically calculated by our fax server. It is calculated once our fax server request is answered by the receiving fax machine until our fax server receives a termination signal from the receiving fax machine.


What about if the receiver line is engaged after we efax them.. and the fax is received 10 minutes later, well be charged RM1.30??

No, you will only be charged for the actual transmission time used to deliver your fax. Re-faxing time is not chargeable


Could you define 'transmission time'??

Transmission time for our case is the time the other party (recipient fax machine) answer the call until the entire fax transmission end (until the line is disconnected by both party)


Did you ever have a case of using current fax number as their e-fax number before?

Yes, you can use your current fax number as your e-fax number but there will be a slight cost involve. You need to contact your current fax number provider, usually TELEKOM for Malaysia users and you need to ask TM to divert all calls to your existing fax number to the e-fax number we will assigned to you.


What a bout if i want to show company detail in the letter head of all going out efax? Is this POSSIBLE?

Sorry, this is not possible for now. We are working with our fax solution developer to make that possible as soon as possible.


If the recipient fax engaged, will we be charged? do flexifax charge for "re-efax" charge??

If the recipient is engage, you will not be charge. FlexiFax will reattempt to deliver the document for 3 times.


Flexifax will do auto-resize and contrast for outgoing attached picture file?

What is the maximum files that flexifax can handle as an attachment?

The largest attachment FlexiFax can handle at one time is 2MB.


I understand there are 3 authorized senders for the plus package. When a fax comes in does: - 3 person also get the fax or - only one person or the fax can be addressed to the specific person?

The 3 authorized sender is to control who can send fax through the account. For incoming fax service, you can only assign 1 recipient to receive the fax.


Is it possible to get a tawau number with 089 code if I'm using your service?

For this momnet, we can only offer 03 incoming fax number. User from all over Malaysia / world can use our Send Fax service.


Why the fax to email service is not available for the cheapest package the previous in receiptionist.com.my, the srvice included for the cheapest package

You may add fax to email service by subscribing to our FlexiFax pacakge at www.flexifax.com.my


How to top up credit in Flexifax?

You can easily top up your FlexiFax credit from its control panel. Instant top up is available through credit card or you can top up manually via direct deposit, cheque or cash too.


Can the name of the company and the fax number be displayed in the faxed document?

No, at this moment.


How many recipients can you send a fax to in one faxing? How is mass faxing done?

Is it possible that attachment could be done in sending fax thru control panel?

Yes, you can send faxes through the control panel. There is an option called Quick Fax and you can send faxes with it.


How may tries our system will attempt to send fax if line is busy?

3 times over 1 hour


What is the interval?

It will attempt at 15 minutes interval.


Is it possible to have multiple attachment upon sending fax via email?


Is Credit card topup for Flexifax ( Pay per fax or Paid account ) is automatically credited to the Account?


It is stated that for receiving fax the client can only provide 1 email address to receive fax. What if the company have 100 employess and the company applied for 1 Flexifax Receive Account, only and they want to address it to all the employees email, is it possible?


What is the difference of Fax2email and Flexifax?