FAQ - Virtual Office Services

1) Is your VO mailing address is under MSC status?


2) Do I need to pay upfront payment or can i just pay monthly?

We require the up front payment for you to secure the contract for our VO plan and also we do not request for a security deposit like other company.Our monthly installment is only available for Maybank credit card and you're required to swipe your credit card at our Plaza Mt. Kiara office.


3) Is there a mail forwarding services offered to VO Service?

Yes, we can forward the mails and parcel to you where ever you are. For mail forwarding within Malaysia you are required of RM100 deposit and RM200 deposit for other countries. Each of the postage + RM2 mail handling fee will be deducted from the deposit.


4) Is it possible to apply to your VO plan and use the mailing address to register our company with SSM?

Yes it is, for SSM the most important is for them to have your mailing address instead of your office address. However with our VO service, you can use our mailing address for the purpose of your business.


5) Can i get the tenancy agreement with your VO service?

We apologize as for the MOF requirement, you need to have actual office space and for us to provide the tenancy agreement to you, you would need to subscribe our FlexiServicedOffice (temporary office). With a minimum amount of RM850, we will provide you a tenancy agreement for 1year and 30 hours serviced office usage.


6) If the free hours for using the conference room / hot desking / day office is not used, can it be accumulated for the next following month?

Unfortunately no, remaining months cannot be brought forward to the following month


7) Do i need to book in advance or is it possible for me to get the rooms on the same day or on the spot?

For any of our conference room / hot desking / day office facilities, you need to do advance room booking within 24hours. This is to secure that the room is available for your usage. We do not confirm that you will have the room if you book on the spot, however if the room is available you are allowed to use it.


8) Is there a charge when a call is forwarded to my number?

For our VO platinium plan, you have 70 minutes of call forwarding to your mobile included in your plan. If you exceed it, which rarely happens, you will be charged according to Telekom Malaysia rates.


9) If i apply for VO Platinum, is it possible for your company not to transfer the call to me instead just take down messages?

Yes, it is possible for us to do as per your request. We will update it in our system. However the price will remain as the normal charges.


10) What is vanity number?

Vanity number is an additional number if you wish to have 2 dedicated numbers for your company. Monthly charges is RM15 per month for each of the vanity number.


11) I want to rent your office suite but i have my own fax machine, can i be able to bring it in the office as well? If yes, do i have to pay extra charge for that? or will you pay for my fax machine bill since i will not use your fax no. insted i will use mine?

Yes, you are able to bring your own fax machine. However the charges of the line installation and your fax charges will be on your own.


12) I am living outside Malaysia, I want to subscribe for virtual office package just to register for a bank account. Is that possible?

Unfortunately according to the Malaysia law, you need to be present in front of the bank officer to open a bank account. You can register for a virtual office for other purposes.


13) Can i upgrade my VO plan in the future?

Certainly, you can upgrade your plan later. Your balance will be deducted to the upgraded plan price.


14)Can we choose the phone and fax number?

Unfortunately no. This is because your phone or fax number is automatically assigned by the system. We do have a list of Golden Numbers. You can purchase them at a fee. Alternatively you can also upgrade your account to use a 1800 toll free number.


15) What document do you need in order for me to apply for VO service?

We only need a copy of I/C or your company SSM certificate.


16) How much is the charges for outgoing fax?

For the one time, you will be given 3 pages for free. The out going fax charges is : Outbound Fax to KL and Selangor - RM0.45 per page. Outbound Fax to other states within Malaysia - RM0.75 per page. Outbound Fax to International Destination - Only RM1.50 per page to all countries (promo rate)


17) If i subscribe to Plaza Mt. Kiara, can i use the Empire Tower office?

Unfortunately no.This is to avoid the confusion as your account is based at Plaza Mt. Kiara. However you can use other facilities such as meeting room / day office / hot desking.


18)Is there any additional charges after i make this payment?

For most cases, NO. There is no hidden fee or whatsoever. There will only be extra charges should you purchase additional services such as mail forwarding, printing and etc.


19) How bout the setup fee? Do i need to pay for it?

No. The setup fee is currently waived.


20) Can i register 2 company under 1 account?

No. 1 account is only for 1 company. However if you wish to subscribe another company we will give you the best price.