FAQ - Teleconferencing

1.) What is Teleconferencing?

It enables multiple participants to communicate at an agreed time and day only by phone with them only having to stay at the comfort of their homes or wherever they are. A userpin will be provided by the “administrator” which the members will have to key-in to be able to have access to the Teleconference.


2.) What are the benefits of Teleconferencing?

  • An easy way for people to talk at one time while they are all currently in different locations.
  • Communication is made easier and faster during business meetings between offices, employees, or from one business location to another.
  • It's money-saving in terms of travel expenses and at the same time increases organizational productivity by providing companies with the ability to communicate via telecommunication methods.
  • This most convenient technology allows businesses to hold meetings over long distances, conduct business briefings, employee training sessions, workshops, seminars, lectures and many more among participants who might otherwise be difficult to gather together in one place at the same time.
  • It is not only experienced by businesses, but also available to individuals in their homes.
  • Business and individuals can communicate at a relatively little expense with an easy set-up.
  • Participants are more attentive than in a face to face meeting.
  • Communication between home office and field staffs is maximized.
  • Meetings are definitely shorter and more oriented to the primary purpose of the meeting.
  • Meetings are actually recorded, therefore, can review anytime it is needed


3.) How do you charge for Teleconferencing?

We charge based on the number of participants you subscribed regardless of how many minutes you handled the teleconferencing.

    4 participants - RM200 per month
    8 participants - RM350 per month
    12 participants - RM400 per month
    16 participants - RM500 per month
    24 participants - RM550 per month


4.) What if one caller is from overseas? How is the charges for that?

The caller will be the one liable for their own call expenses depending on their telecom/mobile carriers whether they are just within the country or in overseas.


5.) Can the Teleconference be recorded?

Yes, it is recorded. You can ask for the recordings at an additional charge of Rm50 - that's for the whole month of your teleconference sessions.


6.) How do I make a payment?

You can pay by bank transfer through our Maybank account, credit card online, paypal, by cheque or you can visit us in one of our branches.